Protect Your Technology

All of our attorneys are registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and many are former patent examiners. As a result, we are uniquely qualified to guide our clients through the patent application and approval process to secure the broadest patent protection to which an invention is entitled. In addition, our firm includes attorneys with advanced degrees and years of experience in various technical disciplines. This expertise allows us to approach technology from a multidisciplinary perspective, ensuring that all aspects of an invention are identified and protected.

Representative Technologies: Medical Devices, including Surgical Implants, Joint Replacement; Glucose Sensors, Laser Skin Resurfacing; Tele-operated Surgical Systems; Medical Imaging Systems

Attorneys: Susanne JonesElizabeth BurkeAshley Nicholls

Representative Technologies:Business Methods, Networking, Database Systems, Computer Hardware/Software, Internet-Related Inventions.

Attorneys: Kevin Robb

Representative Technologies:Surgical Instruments, Shoes, Automotive Technologies; GUIs; Translational GUIs; Containers; Labels

Attorneys: Susanne JonesElizabeth BurkeAshley Nicholls

Representative Technologies:Wireless Communication, Telecommunications, Displays, Control Systems, Emissive Devices, Batteries

Attorneys: Kevin RobbSachin Kandhari

Representative Technologies: Ceramics, Metals, Alloys, Composites, Advanced Fabrics, Magnetic Materials, Semiconductors

Representative Technologies:Robotics, Surgical Instruments, Automotive Systems, Engines, Pumps, Magnetic Bearings, Drilling, Hydraulics, Printing Systems, Packaging, Tidal energy, Heat Transfer Systems; LCD and OLED displays

Attorneys: Susanne JonesElizabeth BurkeAshley NichollsAndrew Gerla

Representative Technologies:

Attorneys: Kevin Robb