Jones Robb Welcomes 2023 Summer Interns

Jones Robb is dedicated to empowering the next generation of legal and STEM professionals. To this end, we are delighted to introduce our 2023 Summer Interns: Andrew Shi, Chris McCormick, Donovan Perry, Joanna Hemans-Mensah, Mahima Athipatla, and Samuel Danso – welcome! As part of our commitment to making the IP and engineering worlds more accessible to young people, with the goal of improving diversity in the patent field, we are excited to once again host an impressive group of high school and college students in our 11th annual summer internship program. Interns will explore opportunities in the patent realm, learning about nontraditional STEM career options such as patent examinerIP attaché, and economist. Interns will also gain exposure to traditional opportunities available in the legal field for attorneys with a technical or STEM background, such as patent attorney, administrative patent judge, corporate (in-house) counsel, and federal judicial roles. During the summer, interns will participate in a series of presentations on subjects such as the basics of patents and patent prosecution and the operations of a patent boutique law firm, in addition to acquiring hands-on experience while working with mentors. The internship culminates in a presentation given by the students on an assignment based on current trends and hot topics in IP law. In the past, interns have studied current Federal Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court cases and shared their opinions regarding these cases with the team. This year, our interns are exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and inventorship. A highlight of the program is the field trip to the Alexandria, VA headquarters of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum, allowing the interns to further appreciate the inner workings of the U.S. patent system, its contributors, and the spirit of innovation that is a defining characteristic of our culture. Jones Robb believes in the power of mentorship and embraces the responsibility of passing on our experiences to the next generation of talent. We are thrilled to welcome our interns and look forward to an excellent summer of learning and professional growth.