Susie Jones attended the National Inventors Hall of Fame® 46th Annual Induction Ceremony in Washington D.C. on May 3, 2018 and shares her thoughts on the evening: “It was such a privilege and honor to attend the National Inventors Hall of Fame 46th Annual Induction Ceremony and, in particular, to share the evening with Kateeva, Inc. as they celebrated the induction of the company’s CTO Emeritus, Steven Van Slyke.  Steven was inducted along with Ching Wan Tang for their invention of the OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode).  Listening to the inductees’ stories and acceptance speeches, the theme that resonated throughout the evening was the important role curiosity, intuition, and perseverance played in propelling these individuals to achieve their groundbreaking innovations.  This mixture of character traits and values, aside from natural skill and intellect alone, seems to be the deterministic factor necessary for achieving this level of success and that which  separates the ordinary from the extraordinary.  NIHF’s commitment and support of nurturing and encouraging our youth’s ingenuity and innovativeness is truly amazing and commendable as well.  The evening reminded me of what I love about what I do – learn from among the most creative and intelligent individuals in the world about problems they wanted to solve, what they tried along the way, and how they ultimately discovered the solution.  Thanks to Conor Madigan of Kateeva for allowing me to celebrate the success of these esteemed innovators.”  For more information about the ceremony and NIHF, visit