Jones Robb salutes all veterans of the United States Armed Forces for their hard work and the sacrifices they have made in protecting our country and preserving our freedoms. 

Veterans are also inventors! They have made significant innovations in a wide range of technical fields.  Veterans have been inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Lewis Latimer was one such veteran. A Navy veteran of the Civil War and son of escaped slaves, Latimer developed carbon filament production that helped make electric light available to the average American home. Frederick Jones, an Army veteran of World War I, broke barriers as an African-American serviceman and invented refrigerated transportation systems following his service. Arnold Beckman, a Marine veteran of World War I, invented a pH meter among other scientific instruments. Lloyd Conover, a Navy veteran of World War II, later invented the antibiotic tetracycline.  Veterans continue to innovate and by doing so continue to serve our country. In recognition of this, the United States Patent and Trademark Office recently held a Veterans Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program (Click Here).

Jones Robb is paying tribute to present and former members of our military this year by making a contribution to the Wounded Warriors Project. Please join us in thanking all veterans today and throughout the year for their service and continuing contributions to technology and society as a whole.