Our clients can expect customized services of the highest legal and technical quality that also are timely and cost-effective. We offer:

A Customized, Value-Added Partnership
Our attorneys offer the quality and experience generally found at large law firms, plus the flexibility that our smaller size allows. We work
closely with each client to understand the business purpose and desired scope of each project, and customize our approach to meet agreed-upon expectations.
Flexible Billing
We offer reasonable and flexible billing, including both fixed-fee and hourly billing options. Under our fixed-fee billing option, mutually agreed-upon service fees give clients the security of predictable costs and the advantage of reliable budgeting. Requests for fee/budget proposals are welcome.
Efficient Communications
We utilize web-based and electronic communications technologies to reduce overhead costs. Web-based docketing and file history storage are shared with our clients via secure access.
Ideal Location
The proximity of our office to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office permits us to frequently conduct personal interviews with patent
examiners to more efficiently advance the prosecution of patent applications.