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Our clients can trust that they are receiving services tailored for their unique needs, backed by the highest quality of legal and technical expertise. We pride ourselves on providing clients with big firm quality but with the personalized attention, flexibility, and costs of a small firm.

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We take immense pride in our dedication to quality, value, diversity, and establishing trusted relationships, and we’re humbled to be honored for it.

Commitment to Diversity

We are firm believers that diversity of thought leads to innovative ideas and solutions, which is why we strive to build an environment of inclusion for all our employees.


Jones Robb is dedicated to fostering the next generation’s interest in science, technology, and the law through our diverse range of internship programs. During the summer, we open the doors to the STEM opportunities that can be found outside the laboratory, production plant, and classroom, welcoming high school and college students alike to explore the interaction between science and the law. Interns explore opportunities in the patent realm,  learning about non-traditional STEM career options such as patent examiner, IP attaché, and economist.   Interns also learn about traditional opportunities available in the law for attorneys with a technical or STEM background, such as patent attorney, administrative patent judge, corporate (in-house) counsel, and federal judicial roles. During the school year, we offer part-time internships to STEM majors so they can gain valuable experience and mentorship.


We strive to create a workplace that values relationships, challenges our employees, and dedicates itself to excellence. Discover your full potential by exploring our career opportunities and see for yourself.